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How often have you thought to yourself, "I just don't feel motivated today?" "I don't feel motivated to workout." "I don't feel motivated to meal prep." How often does your success in reaching fitness goals suffer because of the lack of motivation? I'm here to tell you how all fitness trainers and competitors feel.

They never feel motivated. 

Shocked? The most common question I receive as a certified personal trainer is how I stay motivated. My response is always the same. "I don't." 

Motivation is an emotion. A feeling. And how often do your emotions stay exactly the same for months at a time? Saying you are only going to work hard when you feel motivated is like saying you will only be a good mom when you don't feel frustrated with your kids. Or you will only work hard at work when you feel like it. That doesn't happen, so striving for health and fitness goals only when you feel motivated shouldn't happen either. 

What is my advice on sticking with a plan and completing workouts when you are feeling unmotivated? It's simple. Have a "pre workout" routine or a "pre meal prep" routine. It has to be simple. My pre workout routine is to put on my shoes and put in my headphones. To blast a song that gets my energy up and starts the process of completing a workout. My pre meal prep routine is to turn on the oven. Simple, right? The act of doing something that leads to the desired action helps motivate and start the steps to completing the task. Focus on your "pre" routine and use it to help initiate workouts. 

When the flow of excuses and justifications begin, make them stop. You know what I'm talking about. The "maybe if I just skip today...", "I really need to sleep 45 more minutes", "I'll just find something healthy at work today instead of packing my meals." The very second those start rolling through your mind, STOP THEM! Turn it off, do your "pre" ritual, and just get it done. This sounds too good to be true, but has helped me so much over the years to overcome the tendency to be lazy. Sitting outside the gym trying to muster up motivation to go in? Just get out of your car, turn on some music in your headphones, and walk in! Turn those thoughts off!

If you are waiting to feel motivated before you start your fitness journey, you are being deceived by yourself. The motivation will not come. And if it does, it won't last. People who only ride that motivation train never get anywhere because they can't figure out how to utilize self discipline and a strong mindset to fight their excuses. 

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Stay focused, not motivated. 

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